Celebrating 30 Years of Safer Swimmers!


Why Us?

Max: 4:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio

Qualified, Trained Instructors

Innovative Class Curriculum

Strategic Student Placement

Individual Student/
Family Attention

Focused, but Fun!


We are placing protective actions with return to our swim lessons. We hope to make our experience safer for all families involved with the social distancing precaution guidelines below.


-We will take temperatures of staff before shift start. 

-Keep awareness of our staff, if we are feeling sick or short of breath, or unwell they will be asked to not show up for work, or leave.


-Be sure to evaluate your child and if they are feeling sick with throwing up, diarrhea or have a temperature than please have them stay home. Make up classes will be made available.


-Office staff and teachers assistants will have masks.

-Parents should hold the towel of their own child.

-Remember to bring your goggles and towels because there will be none to borrow.

-Changing room stalls will be spaced and rotated with cleaning in between usages. 



-Entry into the facility will be through the WEST side of the building, the original entry way

-Families will wait behind the child gate until swimmers exit from previous classes. Please, (as much as possible) have your swimmer’s suit under warmer clothes upon entering. The extra layers can be removed while waiting in the group area before class. Avoiding the changing rooms whenever possible before class starts. 

-During that time the pool area and changing facilities will be disinfected and prepared.

-Exiting out the front door will be the only way out.


-Everyone over the age of 10yrs old MUST wear a facemask while inside the building, and it can only be taken off if you are currently going into the water.
-15 minute breaks between every class. Please try to exit before the next class is starting, to limit occupancy and so we can disinfect between groups.

- Limiting total number of people to half occupancy limit of our swim school

      = 1 adult per child and 3yrs and above (no siblings please, unless they also have a class immediately to follow)
      = 2 adults per child for under 3yrs for a water baby classes (no siblings please, unless they also have a class immediately to follow)

- Limiting water baby class sizes to 4 and 5 children maximum

- Parents after water baby classes, please replace your face mask to watch your children still in
swimming lessons.

- Removal of communal items: toys have been removed from the play area, no towels to borrow, no goggles to borrow, no swimsuits or diapers, no treats after class.

-Please keep yourselves spaced 6ft apart from other families when watching your swimmer’s class or moving through the building. In the pool area, there is space for sitting on the steps or the benches along deepend side of the pool.

The Swim of Things is a small, family-owned and operated swim school instructing all ages, starting at 4 months. We specialize in individualized attention, thoughtful student placement, and class modification to aid your student in reaching their swim potential. 

Future Events

9/20          Session 2 Enrollment                         Request WAITLIST 
                   Opened for New or                               Returning Families to                         request classes

9/27          Payment DUE for                                 Current Swimmers to                         continue in Session 2

10/17-23  Safety Jumps Week                               All Swimmers (NOT                                Water Babies!) Wear                             clothes OVER their                                 swimsuits for the start                         of class. Preference is                           for long pants please                             and thank you! 

10/24      Last Day of Session 1

 10/25     Session 2 Starts

11/22      Session 3 Enrollment                          Request WAITLIST                               Opened for New or                              Returning Families to                          request classes

11/24-26  CLOSED 
                    Thanksgiving Break

11/29      Payment DUE for                                 Current Swimmers to                         continue in Session 3

12/19- 1/2  Closed For Christmas                            and New Years 

 1/3-8     Safety Jumps Week                     All Swimmers (NOT                      Water Babies!) Wear                     clothes OVER their                       swimsuits for the                           start of class. 
                 Preference is for long                   pants please and                                  thank you! 

1/10     Session 3 Starts


"I said it way too many times this summer but I’m going to say it again: THANK YOU! Your instruction is unequaled. Atticus can now swim LAPS in a 25 yard pool! Seriously!"



"Thank you soooooo much to such a wonderful staff! You guys are AWESOME teachers. The boys are going to be doing a lot of swimming this summer! See you in the Fall!"



"We love living in Charlotte, NC and you will be proud to know that Sienna is a fish at our community pool. Your method of teaching was exactly what I was hoping for my daughter!"