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I Only Wish We Had Started Sooner!

We love living in Charlotte, NC and you will be proud to know that Sienna is a fish at our community pool, thanks to you! In fact, our pool has a slide that you can only go on if you swim to the side of the pool after coming off the slide on your own. You will be glad to hear that she practiced for 30 minutes swimming under water to accomplish that feat! She has been sliding happily ever since. Your method of teaching was exactly what I was hoping for my daughter, I only wish we had started sooner!

-- Shaunea Jauch


Thank You Soooooo Much

Thank you soooooo much to such a wonderful staff! You guys are AWESOME teachers. The boys are going to be doing a lot of swimming this summer! See you in the Fall! Thanks again.
We are so going to miss the welcoming song for Sasha’s class

-- Luka & Sasha


THANK YOU! Your Instruction Is Unequaled.

I said it way too many times this summer but I’m going to say it again: THANK YOU! Your instruction is unequaled. Atticus can now swim LAPS in a 25 yard pool! Seriously! And with pretty darned good technique! I am so thrilled with his progress AND the confidence your classes gave him! I could go on and on. Well be back soon for breaststroke and diving and the rest. Right now, I’m just basking in the knowledge that Atticus has come so far in such a short time, Thanks to you!

-- Lisa


After Doing The Mommy And Me Swim Classes

After doing the mommy and me swim classes at the local rec, and realizing it was nothing more than mommy holding baby in the water, we decided to try The Swim of Things. We just finished our first session of water babies. (My daughter is 2 1/2) I cannot say enough good things about Coach Albert. My daughter loves him, and is doing things in the water that exceeded my expectations for her age. Albert is not only great with the kids, but fantastic with the parents. He’s helped me (sometimes I think more than my daughter) understand her capabilities in the water. We love it here!

-- Rebecca E


I Am So Glad I Found This Place!

I am so glad I found this place! I started my son in October at 8 months. At first he hated the water (always did) now he loves swimming, taking baths, splashing, etc in the water. Coach Albert is really awesome! He is great with all the kids and the parents. Also I love the small group of learning so we really get more coaching than another place. Price wise at first i felt like it was a bit expensive, but it’s worth every penny to know my child is learning breath control and gaining a healthy love and respect for the water. Thank you swim of things! I look forward to continuing swim classes with you 

-- Nicole K


Such A Great Place With An AMAZING Staff!

Such a great place with an AMAZING staff! So excited we decided to start swimming classes here 

-- Holly


Alana And Albert Are Nothing Short Of Amazing!

Alana and Albert are nothing short of amazing! My daughter Cali started swimming just five weeks ago! She was terrified of going under water, as I’m sure the feeling of water in her ears may feel weird due to her tubes. She did okay the first class but screamed the entire second class. Alana was so patient and encouraged us to stay even though I’m sure it had to be difficult to teach under those circumstances! Each week she’s done better and better! By week five, she was going under water with no problems at all! She’s all smiles and can’t wait to go to swim class every week! I recommend The Swim of Things to every parent I know! Amazing!

-- Tina​


My Daughter Started Taking Lessons

My daughter started taking lessons at The Swim Of Things a few months ago after we moved here from New Hampshire. She was never in a pool before and started with pretty much no experience. Now she is comfortable in the water and asks me every day how many more days until swim class! These instructors are amazing! I would never go anywhere else.

-- Kimberly


We Really Enjoy Our Tuesday Morning Classes With Coach Al

We really enjoy our Tuesday morning classes with Coach Al, my daughter has been getting more and more comfortable being in the water with each class!

-- Lisa

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