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We have a great school that offers a variety of well-rounded programs. We run water exercise classes, host birthday parties, work with scout troops, as well as provide an unlimited amount of open swim during the week. Parents or grand parents we also instruct adults. Apprehensive or just simply lacking the information about certain strokes and breathing techniques, we can help.


Are you new to swimming, rusty, or going on a trip to the islands? Classes begin at individual level. Rhythmic breathing, advanced strokes or treading water, the class revolves around personal needs. The Swim of Things can turn fear of water into a relaxing fun environment.


Let our trained staff assist your aspiring swimmer. Prepare at The Swim of Things pool to earn badges in swimming and endurance. Swimming safety and safety skill testing are tackled in the 5 classes and the curriculum is designed around the students’ goals and needs.

  • For swimmers and non-swimmers.

  • Move at your own level and needs. The gentle water is perfect for Arthritis therapy, sports training, or injury recovery, add a stimulating non-impact aerobic exercise to your workout routine!

  • Land and water weights, noodles, jogging belts, and ankle weights provided.

  • Generally only three to four to a class. (maximum six)

  • Groups can be accommodated.
    Mon / Wed / Fri: 8:30am - 9:00am

  • Concentrate on laps, work on water exercises, Or just have a blast splashing around.

  • Did you know?
    One half hour of water jogging is equal to two hours of land jogging!

  • Swim times are determined by your needs and pool availability. A maximum of 3 to 4 people in pool at one time.

  • Private appointments available for family swim. Kick boards, Island float, noodles, and balls provided.


​​​Fun: Relay games (i.e. T-Shirt Relays, Seasonal Relays, Life Jackets), pool spider, noodle ball, animal jumps, and floating group photos!



  • Guests swim for 1 hour, then open presents and have refreshments.

  • You bring food such as pizza, sandwiches, cake, etc. to be set-up in the party room. There is a tiny refrigerator/freezer you may use. (Please, no food inside the pool area!) No alcoholic beverages allowed and no cooking on premises.

  • You are welcome to decorate the party area. Please remove all decorations before you leave. (No confetti or glass items, please.)

  • You are welcome to bring games and entertainment to the pool.

  • Parties are booked in two hour blocks.


Clean Up: Each party is responsible for their own clean up afterward. The Swim of Things does not provide trash bags. Additional charges will apply for rooms left uncleaned. 


Pricing: A $50 deposit is required to guarantee your selected date and time. 

  • Prices for a two-hour party:
    1-15 people: $250.00 per party
    16-20 people: $250.00 plus $5.00 per person over 15 people

  • Everyone ages 3 and older (including adults) that get in the water count. Observers do not count.

  • There will be an additional charge for any time over 2 hours. $10.00 for every 15 minutes over.


Cancellation: Three weeks cancellation notice is required for refund of deposit. All parties canceled with in three weeks of party date will forfeit deposit.

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